Travel For Care receives customer service award from

January 19, 2011

Travel For Care has been awarded a 2010 Customer Service Award for “professionalism in dealing with patient enquiries last year from”. A fast response time with patient inquiries and follow-up questions, as well as the detail-oriented attitude of our client service team have made this possible. “It’s not all about selling”, mentions Heather Wicklow, Travel For Care’s Manager, “our business is concierge medical tourism, and to be at the top, we have always taken care of every single prospective client as if it was already a client, and every single client that comes to Monterrey, as a close friend.” Awards like this one encourage our firm to be even better and keep up all the good work.

Travel For Care is an innovative Medical Travel firm based in Monterrey, Mexico, offering foreign patients access to a track-record proven network of doctors and hospitals, at very affordable prices, and with continuous close support to ensure a wonderful experience for patient and family


FDA Specialists Panel Endorses Weight Loss Surgery to More Americans

December 7, 2010

A specialists panel advised the FDA to lower the threshold of Body Mass Index that a person must have to be able to begin considering weight loss surgery. In what seems like a positive step to help millions of Americans suffering from obesity, the FDA is endorsing wider use of reversible and less invasive weight loss surgeries like the Gastric Band.

Bringing down the minimum BMI to 35 from the current 40 makes a lot of sense for us at Travel For Care, since we have seen many patients in this range and their results are fantastic. For patients who have tried everything and still have not been able to lose weight, undergoing a weight loss surgery while their BMI is still in their lower 30s comes very much in time to avoid future mishaps. With this market expansion, Travel For Care is as ready as ever to offer Americans and Canadians the best medical tourism has to offer. Mexico continues to provide affordable weight loss surgeries very close to home. With Lap Bands starting at $6,000 at the hands of internationally trained and board certified specialists, the value is clear.

More information on this important step can be found in the following New York Times article:

Travel For Care is an innovative medical travel company based in Monterrey, Mexico offering Americans and Canadians the best healthcare Mexico has to offer. For more info visit or contact Gabriel Senior at 800-571-0640.

Medical Travel Success Stories in Monterrey, Mexico by Travel For Care

November 9, 2010

Monterrey, October 27th, 2010

In spite of the continued economic slowdown around the world, Mexico’s healthcare hubs keep on attracting thousands of medical travelers every year for surgeries ranging everywhere from tummy tucks to prostate cancer treatments. As this industry continues gathering strength, the success stories keep building up and the reputation for Monterrey’s best providers keeps growing. Two of the latest case studies of ours show this.

Carolyn came all the way from western Texas on the look for affordable Tummy Tuck and Liposuction surgeries. Being a medical travel veteran who had already experienced going to Tijuana for a gastric sleeve surgery at the beginning for the year, she didn’t think it twice before calling Travel For Care again and asked for a specialist to improve her shape and get rid of all the excess skin left behind by the lost weight. This time, it was a job for Monterrey’s premier after-weight-loss surgeon, Dr. David Kirsch. The first stage in her plastic surgery plan was taken care of by a tummy tuck and aggressive lipo to the upper abdomen, which cost her only $5500 including her hotel stay, altogether a third of what it would have cost with surgeons near her hometown. As something to really brag about in her case, she loves to say that her surgery went so smoothly and her wounds were so finely sutured, that she spent her remaining days in Monterrey recovering with very little pain and swelling. As a wonderful plus to this adventure of hers, Dr. Kirsch removed two incisional hernias that were found inside her abdomen once the tummy tuck surgery was under way. As usual in Mexican hospitality and medical responsibility, these were removed without an extra charge.

As another fantastic case study, there’s the story of Brandy, who came all the way from Indiana for an affordable Gastric Bypass. Having taken this important step in late May, she has kept in touch and we are very happy to read her frequent emails with stories of how she’s gotten her life back on track. Even more impressive have been her results, knowing she has lost 92 pounds in the first five months after surgery makes us all very happy here in Monterrey. Her surgeon Dr. Horacio Guajardo even considers hers to be one of the finest examples of his career. This shows how mixing good surgical decisions with nutritional and lifestyle decisions can make a very positive change in your life. All this for a lot less than half of the price she would have paid back home.

Travel For Care is an innovative Medical Travel start-up firm headquartered in Monterrey, Mexico, marketing Medical Solutions to American patients looking for elective and non-elective procedures. For more information, please visit

Heather Wicklow
Travel For Care
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Travel For Care Celebrates 50th Patient – Medical Travel Keeps Going Strong

September 22, 2010

As Travel For Care reaches its 50th patient, the proud members of the firm’s specialized healthcare network in Monterrey, Mexico have a lot to rejoice about. This is not only a story of short-term success, but also one of an irreversible long-term trend. The country’s healthcare hubs are attracting thousands of medical travelers in spite of a tough year for the economy in the US and lots of frightening news about drug violence coming from some parts of Mexico.

As our CEO Gabriel Senior mentions: “Medical Travel has achieved proof of concept in Mexico as we now see Americans and Canadians commonly walk the aisles of our best hospitals and clinics and go back home talking about their experience in a very favorable way.” Travel For Care’s 50th patient happens to be Alana, a 73 year-old lady from Dallas who has come twice for facial plastic surgeries with Dr. Rodrigo Munro-Wilson, MD and who’s returned home with a significantly younger appearance and great self-esteem. Most of the firm’s patients have been either plastic or weight loss surgery candidates who have come from the US and Canada to receive care from the top specialists in Monterrey and have collectively saved over half a million dollars.

As the firm enters its second successful year of operations, surgeries in the non-elective fields are becoming more common, like the HIFU prostate cancer treatment, which is non-invasive and encompasses the use of state-of-the-art technology still not available in the US. Although Travel For Care’s goal is to increase the number of patients who come for these new and innovative procedures, the market conditions in the US still make weight loss surgeries an ideal field in which Mexico can offer great value. With Gastric Band surgeries performed by US-trained surgeons at less than $6,500 or Tummy Tucks for less than $4,000, medical travel is here to stay and firms like Travel For Care have a lot of value to add.

Travel For Care is an innovative Medical Travel start-up firm headquartered in Monterrey, Mexico, marketing Medical Solutions to American patients looking for elective and non-elective procedures. For more information, please visit


Heather Wicklow


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Medical Tourism was not meant to allow patients to get several plastic surgeries at the same time

September 8, 2010

Medical Tourism, also called Medical Travel, offers access to medical services at prices never before imaginable to a resident of the US, Canada, and the UK. However, when some see an opportunity to get several plastic surgery procedures done at the same time, they are putting their lives at risk. With lots of Doctors agreeing to do so, choosing only those professionals with the highest ethical standards pays off.

It’s well known by now, prices for surgery in a place like India or Costa Rica beat those in the US by at least 60%. A whole new population now have access to for example, a $3,500 tummy tuck, that was before only accessed by the lucky few with over $10K to spare. However, as plastic surgery turns less expensive, there are some who see an opportunity to get several procedures done at the same time, and being completely unaware of the danger they face. Maddy’s case better illustrates how patients don’t know they’re placing their lives at risk and how some unethical Doctors just find a way to comply.

Maddy is planning to revamp her whole look. The 45 year-old mother of three has lost over 100 lbs since her lap band surgery about two years ago. Now that she has achieved her desired weight, and with savings in her bank, Maddy begins to plan another major investment in her image and self-esteem. Looking beyond her local surgeons in Portland, Oregon, and especially if thinking about options abroad, the possibilities go way beyond the original tummy tuck she had thought about. The budget of $15 thousand that she had in mind for a tummy tuck with a prestigious local surgeon now (in theory) could also cover a thigh lift, an arm lift, a breast lift with implants and a butt lift as well. With a demanding job that makes it difficult for her to take time off more than once a year, she’s only happy to inquire about doing all this at once. She’s even thinking that perhaps all that uncomfortable recovery and pain is better handled all at the same time rather than in two or three different episodes. Upon inquiring and sending pictures to surgeons and medical travel firms in various countries she’ll receive two radically different answers from plastic surgery professionals. One option will stress the fact that she’s a perfect candidate to come for two (maximum three) of those procedures, and then return around two or three months later for the remainder. And another who immediately agrees to perform either all of them at once, or suggest her to come for two surgery sessions only a few days apart. The fact is, that the latter group is running unnecessary risks in uninformed patients.

As much as the former group of surgeons would love to have Maddy come and get all this at once, their ethics go beyond just the money. They know well that:

1)   Keeping a patient under anesthesia for more than six hours (suitable for around two the mentioned procedures) is dangerous and raises the risk of blood clots in surgery

2)   Not all of these procedures should be done simultaneously in order to allow for better blood irrigation to wounded areas

3)   The amount of blood loss when doing only half of those surgeries at the same time is recoverable in no less than a month, making the patient run the risk of going into shock during a second surgery, if done within a short timeframe

4)   The amount of pain and discomfort even two weeks after the first surgical session is still an issue for undergoing a second set

However, it is increasingly common to see other surgeons fall into the latter group and please unknowing patients with up to six plastic surgeries in one trip. Such is the typical case of surgeons from distant parts of the world, which since the patient face much larger airfares and travel times when flying from the US (figure some parts of Asia) cannot compete against Mexican or other Latin American counterparts in relatively inexpensive fields as plastic and weight loss surgery. In order to offer attractive prices, some are coming up with creative, albeit dangerous packages like the one Maddy chose. She traveled to India to get all the mentioned procedures in two surgery sessions, only two weeks apart, and spending a whole month in a hotel room. At Travel For Care, we care about our patients’ health. We will continue working only with surgeons who have the highest ethical standards and will never please patients while compromising their health and well-being. Our offering is valuable enough and our location is close enough to anyone in North America that coming for several sessions is never a problem. We’ve had several repeat patients and will continue to see them in the future. Our message is that when planning a huge set of plastic surgeries, base your choice  on quality more than price.

Travel For Care is an innovative Medical Travel firm headquartered in Monterrey, Mexico, marketing Medical Solutions to American patients looking for elective and non-elective procedures. For more information, please visit


Heather Wicklow


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New Weight Loss Surgery Alternative to the Gastric Sleeve. Presenting the Affordable Gastric Plication in Mexico.

August 4, 2010

After decades of evolution, the practice of bariatry had settled in three major surgeries accounting for almost all surgical methods of weight loss. The latest to catch the public’s attention has been the gastric sleeve. It seems to achieve better results in the long run than the band while being less expensive than the bypass. However, given its reputation for being irreversible and invasive, a new variant to the gastric sleeve has entered the playing field, the Gastric Plication.

This procedure is new for the general public but has been around for at least 10 years. Rather than eliminating 80% of the stomach forever, the Gastric Plication involves folding the bottom, rounded part of the stomach into itself and then sowing the opposing walls together. In this way the stomach’s volume is reduced while still maintaining it in its entirety. This makes it a reversible procedure, with the proven effectiveness of the gastric sleeve, and even helps patients with gastroesophageal reflux disease. So with all these benefits, why has it taken so long to surface?

There are a couple of reasons that this procedure is just getting out there, mainly due to long testing across the globe to measure its reliability, effectiveness, and safety. The testing showed that all patients achieved great benefits by lowering up to 60% of their excess weight within the first 6 months, which is similar to the traditional gastric sleeve. Testing also demonstrated that many patients were able to stop taking reflux medication, or at least a lower dosage.

Nowadays, this procedure is still only available in very few places, but Travel For Care is proud to say that we now offer it in Angeles Hospital in Tijuana with Doctor Juan Lopez Corvala. The starting price is $8500, including transport from and to San Diego to Tijuana as well as your stay at the Hospital. At Travel For Care, Mexico’s best network of Weight Loss Surgeons are available for you to choose from a pre-screened and track-record-proven group of professionals. We make sure that when you choose a certain surgeon given his price, experience, or qualities, you are essentially getting the best. Should you, or someone you know consider a Gastric Plication don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-571-0640.

Travel For Care is an innovative Medical Travel start-up firm headquartered in Monterrey, Mexico, marketing Medical Solutions to American patients looking for elective and non-elective procedures. For more information, please visit

Affordable Facelift in Mexico – Medical Travel Video Testimonial of Mr. Adolfo Garcia

June 22, 2010

Video Testimonial of Mr. Adolfo Garcia, from Houston, TX. Adolfo came to Monterrey for an Affordable Face Lift procedure with Dr. Rodolfo Flores and guided by Travel For Care, Local Health Travel Specialists.

Travel For Care launches new Medical Travel Weight Loss Surgery Video

June 18, 2010

Enjoy our latest video

75 Year-Old Patient comes to Monterrey for an Affordable Facelift

June 18, 2010

Medical travel is growing at full speed in Mexico. As Americans and Canadians are more commonly seen walking the aisles of the country’s best hospitals and clinics than ever before, the trend has been catching everyone’s eye. However, when we begin to see even 75 year-olds coming to Monterrey for plastic surgery, it means that this trend is here to stay.

Al, from Houston, recently came all the way to Monterrey, Mexico’s nicest metropolis, for a facelift surgery. Even if it is a very common procedure among forty to fifty-somethings who want to regain a youthful appearance, this case was different. Al is 75. Having seen price tags in local plastic surgery clinics range from $7,000 to over $10,000, he decided to look for options elsewhere. These included slightly less expensive prices in Florida, and then several even lower priced surgeons in Latin America. His choice was easy. He decided on Dr. Rodolfo Flores, a board certified plastic surgeon in Monterrey who has more than a decade experience in private practice. Dr. Flores offered the facelift for $3,500 and performed it with top materials and in a very nice clinic. As Heather Wicklow, manager at Travel For Care-the Health Travel specialist that assisted Al all the way added: “We not only helped Al achieve his dream, but also made sure that he would get surgery from a professional, who would evaluate Al’s condition and make sure he’s in good health before letting him go into surgery.”

In his own words and speaking about his experience “I am planning to live over 100 years, and I want to look my best for these next 25”. It is easy to see that combining a nice week-long trip to a modern city, being in the hands of professionals to guide him through the process of having surgery in a foreign country, and having to spend less than $4,000 for everything made him very happy. Patients like Al are everyday more common in Monterrey and Northern Mexico as Medical Tourism (also called Medical Travel) is allowing hundreds of thousands to accomplish their dreams.

Travel For Care is an innovative Medical Travel start-up firm headquartered in Monterrey, Mexico, marketing Medical Solutions to American patients looking for elective and non-elective procedures. For more information, please visit

Dr. Rodolfo Flores is one of Monterrey’s top plastic and cosmetic surgeons. He works in private practice and operates in fine hospitals like Clinica Vitro, Ginequito, Christus Muguerza, and Hospital San José.

Travel For Care Launches New Special Weight Loss Surgery Offers In Monterrey

June 10, 2010

Monterrey, Mexico,June 10th, 2010

Even if the Medical Travel industry in Mexico caters to Americans and Canadians on the look for inexpensive Weight Loss Surgeries, the market is demanding even more affordable options. Always on top of the curve, Travel For Care delivers. Low cost, all-inclusive options for Gastric Band and Gastric Sleeve Surgeries are now offered in Monterrey for $5,400 and $6,600 respectively.

Travel For Care is always evolving to please the medical travel market. Until now, American and Canadian medical tourists had been choosing among two very different options in Bariatric Surgery: either go for the best doctors and hospitals and pay around $6,500 for a Lap Band (where savings are great, but the price tag can be hefty for some), or choose among the myriad of younger surgeons and less known clinics where that surgery might go for $5,000. After years of a strong market for the former options, the last three years have seen patients become more budget-conscious and flock by the thousands to inexpensive clinics in Mexican border towns. Believing that patients need to have better and safer options, Travel For Care has come up with a valuable solution.

“The newest development in our firm has been launching Low-Cost Weight Loss Surgery packages in Monterrey, grouping a very manageable four patients per day, which allows us to bring costs down dramatically and offer much more value” says Heather Wicklow, Manager at Travel For Care in Monterrey. These packages are priced at $5,400 for the Affordable Lap Band, and $6,600 for the Inexpensive Gastric Sleeve and are made up of this combination:

-Dr. David Arizpe MD and his team (over ten years and thousands of surgeries of bariatric experience)

-Pre-ops, surgery, and hospital stays at the CEMCA Clinic (a new state-of-the-art facility located in Monterrey’s prime medical cluster, just a block away from Hospital Christus Muguerza, counting with three ORs and four hospital suites)

-Hotel stays at Hotel Ibis, a modern hotel located in the nicest part of Monterrey

-Transportation provided by a professional driver company

-All arrangements, details, and personal assistance delivered by Travel For Care Last but not least, the main attribute that makes these packages valuable is their location in Monterrey.

Being Mexico’s largest, nicest, and most developed city, Monterrey counts on the best private healthcare facilities and attracts the top medical specialists in the country. Its location makes it an easy place to reach from Texas (2 hours), and its international airport makes flying in very easy (1 hour from Houston). Everything Travel For Care does has patient safety and satisfaction as a #1 priority and we strive to create value for our patients. Should you or someone you know be interested in these new options, please inquire with us at or (800) 571-0640.

Contact: Heather Wicklow

Travel For Care

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